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Doctors, Best Selling Authors, celebrities and Everyone Else Trusts Us! Try Us Out and See For Yourself!

"In my industry, you have to stay in good shape so I'm continually looking for a workout that can get great results while keeping me mentally stimulated. To me there is nothing worse then doing the same thing over and over again that doesn't deliver on results, not to mention how boring the same routine becomes.Lifestylz is absolutely beautiful with state of the art fitness equipment. I love the fact that they specialize in one on one personal training so you're not being bothered by other people watching or talking to you, this allows you to really focus on your workout.Lifestylz Xtreme Metabolic Training was the best workout I have ever done and was unlike any other workout I had engaged in before, it's no wonder they produce the results they produce with their clients. I have workout with some of the best trainers, I have done circuit training, kickboxing, one on one pilates, and anything else you can think of and NONE of them compared to the workout Lifestylz put me through. Trust me I have done pretty much everything you can think of to get in shape.I'm so thankful for Garret for putting me through this workout. I will be using Lifestylz and their knowledge to get me into shape for my next acting roles and model shoots from now on. If you are thinking about hiring a private personal trainer and workingout in a great environment with top of the line fitness equipment then Lifestylz is the place to go. I would recommed anyone who is looking to get in shape fast then this is the place to go"


                                                                                                      Jessica Rimmer

                                                                              Deal or No Deal model / Actress /model



“A few years back I wrote a paper on a specific form of exercise called Biocize, which stands for biological exercise – that which helps create the greatest metabolic response in the least amount of time. I have been exercising for the better part of my life and what I experienced at Lifestylz was truly cutting edge. They utilized a variety of different pieces of training equipment that I never used before. I can tell you first hand, it was one of the toughest metabolic conditioning programs that I have ever tried. For anyone looking to get in shape and burn fat fast, you’ve got to give Lifestylz and their metabolic training programs a try, it’s the closest thing to Biocize that I have ever personally experienced. You guys are true practitioners of your craft”


                                                                                                                Brad King M.S, MFS

                                                                                Nutritional Researcher/Bestselling Author

Before Lifestylz
After Lifestylz

“As a Naturopathic Physician I work with patients whose goals include ideal body composition and maximizing functions of the system.  Patients who have committed to the Lifestylz Body Transformation Systems have truly maximized their results.  I cannot think of a more effective program for total health and wellness”

                                                                                                                                                                                               Dr. Kevin Caruso






“I joined Lifestylz because I wanted a challenge and needed a change in my current fitness program.  Lifestylz is a one-on-one private setting which is appealing and I couldn’t imagine anyone better than Lifestylz personal trainers.  The one-on-one private training combined with great exercise routines in a very motivating, upbeat and energetic environment really makes a big difference while exercising.  You really have to make exercise and yourself a priority.  It is a great investment and you are worth it, it is the best thing I’ve ever done.  I would recommend Lifestylz to everyone, give Lifestylz a try, it is totally different from anything I have ever done before"                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                            Dr. Lewis O’Brien






“I would never have done this on my own, I needed the accountability and the extra motivation to get me to exercise.  I would recommend Lifestylz to anyone who wishes to feel better both physically and emotionally.  For those who say they never have the time – Lifestylz half hour sessions are great and can fit into anyone’s schedule.  Their private environment is great for anyone who feels out of shape and shy about exercising as it is a private environment.  Lifestylz has made me feel better about myself, more self-confident in my clothes and I am also sleeping better”

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dr. Patti Avery



"I am very confident in Lifestylz ability to help people make dramatic changes in both their mental and physcial health.

I know this because I have lost over 20 pounds and 18 inches following their program"

                                                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Todd MacLean D.C.


I joined Lifestylz with the hope of getting back in shape. I was feeling fatigued with poor energy levels and generally feeling unwell. I wanted to look good, have better health and thus FEEL GOOD ...

Making the financial and personal commitment to join was the incentive I needed to make fitness a priority in my life. Knowing someone was waiting for me 3 times a week forced me to get motivated and get moving !

The studios are very well equipped, clean and private. There is a positive atmosphere and energy that is truly contagious !

The trainers always had a fun and effective way to push me to go a little further, and work a whole lot harder than I normally would have on my own.

I was amazed at how quickly I saw and felt the results. I was looking good ( less body fat, muscles tightened and toned and therefore clothes fit much better !) my health improved (less colds + flus, less aches + pains) and I just felt SO MUCH BETTER!


                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sharon. M


Lifestylz offered a safe and effective way for me to achieve my fitness goals in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. My personal trainer helped me develop an exercise and nutrition program that I could live with and that fits in with my busy lifestyle and schedule.

My fitness program was customized specifically for me and incorporated specific target area training so I could get the results I wanted. I love the studio, the music, the trainers, and most of all I love the results. This program works! The combinations of the evaluations, motivation, and their unique fitness training methods have really done the trick.

When I think about what I'm willing to spend to have nice house, a nice car, or on things for my children, this small investment in myself is money well spent. Since starting the Lifestylz program I've lost 45.5 Ibs of fat weight, dropped a total of 27 inches, dropped 13.8% body fat and lost a total of 6 ½ inches off my waist. I feel more energetic, stronger, healthier and confiedent than ever before.

"I would highly recommend Lifestylz to anyone who wants to lose weight, get in shape & improve their overall health, but doesn't know where to start.


This has been the best experience for me. It will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself too."




"I've been working out for several years at a local gym and I was starting to feel like the amount of effort I was putting into my current fitness program was not matching the reward. I found myself setting weight-loss goals that I never fulfilled. After enlisting the help of Lifestylz Private Fitness Studios, I feel as if I am finally on my way to realizing the possibility of being physically fit and looking like it. My Lifestylz trainer helped me to stop wasting my time doing inefficient workouts and got me focused on my results.

With their private workouts and a proven plan for success, I got the results I was looking for. My Lifestylz personal trainer was better able to tailor my program specifically for me so I could achieve my goals efficiently and effectively. Having had several personal trainers in the past afforded me a point of reference when evaluating the efficacy of Lifestylz trainers. Lifestylz trainers are the best in the business as I would not be writing this testimonial if they were not.

My overall experience with Lifestylz has been phenomenal. I have increased my aerobic endurance, reduced my body fat by 17%, lost 56.5 lbs of body fat, took 9 inches off my waist, 9 inches off my hips, 5 inches off my thighs and 2.5 inches off my arms. Not only did I loss 47.5 inches total but I drop 10 pant sizes. The team at Lifestylz is not only committed to my transformation, but I they truly care about my health and wellbeing. Now that is what I consider "priceless"!

If you are looking to make a real physical transformation and you are willing to make the commitment to yourself, Lifestylz Private Fitness Studios is the way to go."



"Like most women I have tried almost everything, fad yo-yo diet, bought the workout videos, which I got bored with very quickly as I got tired of doing the same thing over and over, joined a gym which I ended straining muscles constantly and ended up injuring myself.

It was after all this trial and error, frustration and headaches that I started searching for something else. Since I joined Lifestylz my focus has changed from, how much I weigh to how I feel about myself. Not what size I am but how strong I am and I no longer eat for convenience, I now eat to fuel my body. It truly has been a lifestylz change for me, not only physically but mentally.

For anyone who hasn't been to Lifestylz, I can tell you that it is the most inviting, relaxing place to workout, especially when you've been to other gyms where it feels more like a fashion show then anything else.

Your sessions are designed with your goals in mind. You are instructed through each exercise for proper form, breathing techniques and the control of the movement. You receive constant encouragement, reassurance and support through all the ups and downs that we all tend to face from time to time from your Lifestylz trainer. I can tell you that if I am ever down before I go to Lifestylz that by the time I leave my mood has changed from negative to positive, you'll find that your trainer is always there for you.

My Lifestylz trainer is very informative, professional, friendly, upbeat and most of all he truly cares about me and my successes. This in turn allowed me to gain back control of my life, enabled me to be more confident, healthier, and happier in my life.

For anyone who is on the fence trying to decided where to start, let me save you the money, time and lack of results by trying something else. I highly recommend Lifestylz over all other options. Stop making excuses, make the promise to yourself to try them out and you'll immediately see a difference in yourself. And remember, your worth it."

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Carrie B


"The reason I started with Lifestylz was I wasn't satisfied with my exercise program that is was doing at the gym, I wasn't getting the desired results I wanted. My workouts had become boring and stale to me. I guess you can say I was in a rut before I started working with Lifestylz.

My eating habits weren't the best, more often than not I would skip meals and then of course when the evening came I would over eat. Since working with Lifestylz I have learned how to fit meals into my schedule, learned proper portion control, and to have smaller portions at regular intervals, which in tern has sky rocketed my energy levels.

The major difference between Lifestylz and anything else I have tried is the constant support, inspiration and their ability to motivate, challenge me. I now also realize how quickly the body will adapt to the same routine which will bring your progress to a screeching hault.

Lifestylz have defiantly taken me and my training to a whole new level of fitness that I never have experienced before, constantly changing my routines, pushing me past my own limitations and most importantly making exercise fun. The rewards and benefits I get from my exercise sessions are outstanding.

This is by far the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I have learned so much from Lifestylz and noticed a remarkable change not only in how my clothes fit but my energy levels and my confidence levels have also increased. And, friends and family are quick to compliment on how great I look and say that I have that sparkle in my eyes that I once had."

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Donna. M


"In the past I have kept myself in shape by doing my own set of exercises, walking, skiing and biking, just to name a few. However, I have always had a weaker upper body and decided that I needed some professional advice to help me acquire some new training ideas to help me strengthen my upper body and improve my overall level of fitness.

I came to Lifestylz to learn some exercises that I can do at home, on my own, using free weights, a ball, and workout bands so that I can continue to enhance my fitness level both at home and at Lifestylz.

The thing I really like about Lifestylz is the individualized programming that you receive. The atmosphere is very inviting and relaxing. Because it is personalized and individual, progress is at your own pace and designed around your own strengths and needs. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger because of my workout sessions at Lifestylz.

The Lifestylz personal trainers are very encouraging and supportive. When you feel like you can't do anymore, like you have nothing left in you, it sure helps to know that your trainer is right there with you, motivating you and telling you that you can do it. Lifestylz personalized attention and encouragement can't be matched.

After just a couple of sessions with Lifestylz you quickly realize that you aren't as fit as you think you are. Lifestylz are continuously motivating me, pushing me further than I ever thought possible. They are always encouraging variety and individualization into your training regimen. I am certainly realizing the multitude of benefits in the form of an overall stronger body by having a program that is designed particularly for my own fitness needs. I am very pleased with the results of working with a Lifestylz Trainer.

I would like to recommend everyone to try Lifestylz at least once. Even those who are already incorporating exercise into their lives can go to Lifestylz and receive extra support, guidance, motivation and coaching that will ultimately enhance their overall personal fitness level."

                                                                                                                                                                                                            CHRIS. K


"About six months ago I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer to guide me in the right direction. Four months after working with another trainer at a gym, I realized I wasn't seeing the results that I had expected to get from a personal trainer. Since I was new to personal training I decided to give personal training one more shot before going it alone.

I started working with Lifestlyz and immediately noticed a difference. My training regimen was much more tailored to my body and schedule, I accomplished more in a half hour working with a Lifestylz trainer than I did doing a whole hour with another trainer. It was then that I realized there was a lot more to personal training than I had been experiencing.

They provide you with straight forward, easy to follow information on exercise and nutrition that you can incorporate right away and this was critical component to my success. Just after about 10 sessions working with Lifestylz I achieved far greater success and results, I lost close to 10 pounds, I feel stronger than I ever have and there training routines are fun, different and challenging.

There's just no comparison between a typical exercise club and my experience at Lifestylz. The thing that I personally love about Lifestylz is there one on one approach to training, you train in your own private personal training suit with no one else. Training in your own private training suite has defiantly made a difference not only in my comfort level but it has also helped me to effectively implement a proven, fast, effective and fun program into my lifestyle so that I can get the results I want.

They've got me doing things I never even seen or done before, it really is totally different from what I was doing before, it actually works. I just want to say Thank You Lifestylz for helping me achieve my goals in a much more realistic, fun, and faster way than anything else I have ever tried."

                                                                                                                                                                                                    JENNIFER B.

"After having children I found it very difficult to find the time and the energy to make it to the gym. I have been a gym member since 1989 and have tried a variety of different classes as well as strength training. I felt like I was no longer accomplishing my goals by going to the gym and as a result I no longer had the motivation to go.

Before joining Lifestylz I had very low energy levels, lacked the strength and even found it difficult to keep up with my children.

The atmosphere at Lifestylz is very inviting and comfortable. Lifestylz has been great, my sessions are focused around my goals and their sessions are fast and effective which is exactly what I need at this stage in my life. I have so much more energy now, I'm less tired and I find myself enjoying life more especially since I now have the energy for my children.

I love that all attention is on me and my goals during my sessions, there are no disruptions, no one else around and you are given 100% attention, which in turn helps me to achieve my goals quicker and faster, it's great. I find my trainer to be very knowledgable and therefore able to ensure that I'm using the equipment properly and effectively.

The guidance, motivation and encouragement that I receive from one on one training really keeps me focused on accomplishing my goals. My experience at Lifestylz so far has been very positive and rewarding. I now have more energy, more strength, more definition and higher levels of confidence, it's exactly what I was looking for and needed. Just knowing that someone is waiting for you really helps motivate you.

I would definitely recommend Lifestylz to anyone who not only wants fast results but to those who have children and find themselves strapped for time. My advice would be, do it, try it out, you'll love it. They offer so many different packages to make it affordable for everyone. To me it is worth every penny, I would compare it to a pedicure or a massage, you've got to treat yourself and do something for you for a change, you just can't put a price on that."



"Being a mother of two I found it very difficult to keep up with my kids most of the time as I lacked the energy to do so. Before joining Lifestylz I felt sluggish and tired all of the time and lacked the discipline and consistency to get results. I have tried fad diets to joining the local gym but neither one of these options seemed to work for me.

The reason I joined Lifestylz is because a friend of mine got great results by going to them and because I really didn't know how to exercise properly I was afraid of injuring myself. Once I met with them I was hooked, their energy is so contagious. They'll inspire you and be by your side every step of the way. Since joining Lifestylz I feel stronger, I'm in better shape, I have the energy to keep me going all day, and with these accomplishments comes a renewed sense of confidence and self image.

What I like a lot about Lifestylz is the atmosphere, it's fun, energetic and inspiring, you will actually enjoy working out.Your workouts are fast and efficient and because of this you get faster and better results than doing anything else.My trainer is full of energy, fun and supportive. Just knowing someone is there waiting for you really motivates you and gives you no excuse to miss your workouts. My workouts are not only challenging but I actually enjoy working out because my trainer has taught me to expect more from myself and set new and higher goals all the time.

I would recommend Lifestylz to anyone looking to lose weight, get in shape, and to those who aren't happy with the results there getting on their own at a gym. You just can't put a price on your health, this is by far the best way to improve your health. It's NOT a fad, it's NOT a yo-yo diet. It's a lifestyle and this is the one you want"



"I have always been heath conscious but disliked exercise. I realized that along with good eating habits, I needed regular exercise to regain muscle, improve my strength and tighten up the flab associated with age. Aches and pains were starting to become annoying and I falsely thought it was just part of getting older.

Sharing a Lifestylz trainer with my husband has been a great experience. Our trainers are serious about results but make it fun getting there. Since I've been with Lifestylz my chronic aches have diminished, I now have muscles I didn't know where there, I'm in better physical shape than I was in my twenties and I've dropped 2 sizes in my clothing. I feel and look significantly stronger, firmer, and younger than ever.

The quality of the trainers, the proven programs and the fully equipped private fitness rooms make Lifestylz Private Fitness Studios the best fitness facility with which we have ever been affiliated. I have and will continue to recommended Lifestylz to my family and friends. With Lifestylz, you know you have someone you can count on to keep you motivated and on a healthy track."

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Janet Wardlaw

"I started to exercise and watch my diet several years ago. However, because I didn't have the guidance and support to ensure I was performing exercises properly, I would often injure myself and have to stop exercising. This not only made it difficult to reach my fitness goals but it was very frustrating.

Since my wife and I have joined Lifestylz our trainers have helped us attain and retain positive results by creating a motivating and efficient workout program that is easy to stick with and custom designed to meet our individual needs and goals. I have improved my balance dramatically, my strength has also increased tremendously and with regular exercise the pain in my shoulder is now gone. Everyday things that were once an effort have now become much easier.

We schedule regular appointments with our trainer, who puts us through a tough workout, in our own private weight room, and IT'S FUN!!! We are committed when we have those appointments and the best part is we look forward to them.

I would recommend Lifestylz Private Fitness Studios to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. The Lifestylz trainers are very professional and serious about their work and the results I achieve. You will never be bored with their routines because you can count on them NOT to be routine. I know if you want to live a healthy life, the sooner you start the longer it will be."

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Brian Wardlaw


"My life before meeting with Lifestylz was bleak. All my life I have been overweight and I believed that there was no alternative to looking the way I did and I just accepted that, that was until I walked through the doors of Lifestylz. Since then everything has changed. I lost over 35 pounds, my confidence is unbelievable and I now live a life where I feel for the first time that I am in control of my destiny and my emotions .

This time losing the excess weight was not for someone else. I would go through my life thinking that my relationships would have been different had I been skinner. Lifestylz helped me realize that I was worth a lot more than just the numbers on the scale. Lifestylz had produced such amazing results within me both physically and mentally that just after the first month I noticed such a profound difference that I just wanted to sit back and enjoy my "new self" for a change.

Every area of my life changed because of the knowledge and skills that I had learned while on the Lifestylz journeyto health and wellness. Every component of the Lifestylz System is important because if it wasn't or if it didn't work it would be like every other program that I have tried throughout my whole life which was unsuccessful.

Never in my life had I been at a point where I was felt satisfied with myself, Thank you so much. My advice to everyone is, if I can do it, anybody can."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sherri T


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